What Make FegExpress – Courier Delivery Different That You Should Want to Know?

Since the launch of FegExpress, it has been the pioneer in the courier delivery industry for all good reasons. With the mission to deliver all kinds of goods to any given location on the map of India, FegExpress’s online courier service app is the first choice of customers. The mission of FegExpress is to make their customers happy with their efficient courier delivery services.

Reasons why FegExpress is Different

Nowadays, hundreds of courier services are working across the country but how to find the best and reliable courier service is one of the most asked questions. The answer to the big question of how FegExpress is different from other courier delivery services is given below and why it is one of the best courier delivery company in India.  Here are some reasons why you should go with FegExpress delivery instead of other courier services.

Delivery Services

FegExpress courier delivery service app is a one-stop solution to all your courier delivery needs because it features services for urban and regional deliveries for all kinds of loads. For shipping the given courier in the same city, get the item delivered.

For shipments to other regions, save some extra bucks and get the item delivered without worrying about its safety and security because your product is packed and shipped securely. Just go to the nearest delivery distribution center and submit your item there to deliver it in the shortest time possible.

FegExpress is one of the cheapest courier company that also offered return delivery services, so you can send one courier to the recipient and receive another courier from them in return. Send an email to FegExpress to schedule withdrawal of a courier package or schedule pickup of a courier package.

The Staff at FegExpress is trained to handle all kinds of loads and deliver them safely to the destination right on time. It offers fewer delivery charges than other professional courier delivery charges making it the customer’s favorite.

You don’t have to print the delivery label as the delivery pickup driver will bring it, but you can match it with the label sent to you over the email before handing over your parcel to them.

Strict Protocols

To avoid any problems with deliveries, the FegExpress package delivery app implements strict protocols so warehouse and delivery staff can effortlessly identify a package and send it to the right delivery driver. Each package is identified with a label that includes data related to the package and a complete dispatch guide. The information on the label includes the location of departure, destination, quantity, and weight of the load.

You can either pack your courier in a box that must be new as you can’t reuse the same bag from a delivery in the past. Sealing packaging is best for documents and small items where you don’t need that much security. Seal the bag packaging with corporate tape or gummed paper and include the cargo identification with it at the time of pickup.

Online Package Tracking

FegExpress is the fastest courier service in India that features online package tracking in the app through which you can enter the tracking id to view its exact location on the map. Share the location with the recipient through various social media, text messages, and email.

If you don’t want to manually share the details with the recipient, don’t worry, as FegExpress shares the package pickup details with the recipient on the phone number.

Effortless Payment

In these Pandemic times where everyone is afraid of their health, FegExpress, also regarded as the best courier pickup service, integrated one of the most popular payment gateways to encourage cashless transactions. Just choose the desired payment and enter your details one time to pay for all your future deliveries with a single tap.

Mobile Application

Download the FegExpress app and register by providing a few details to schedule a pickup, and your courier will be on its way to the destination within an hour. For the best same day delivery service experience, you just need a few minutes of your busy schedule.

The rate change is based on the size of your parcel, and you can choose the desired parcel size from the available option to calculate the total amount of delivery, including taxes. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. You can view all the ongoing deliveries and tap on delivery details, including delivery location, total charges, and estimated delivery time.

Office Time Support

Got any problems with your courier? There is a separate support section in the FegExpress app through which you can chat with a customer service representative to solve your issue in a short time. If you are on the official FegExpress website, enter your details and directly send a message to the customer service, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Refunds and Cancellation

FegExpress gives you a 100% refund if you have a real reason to provide better customer service. You need to keep a few rules in mind before applying for a refund to get the refund without any issues. The reason why FegExpress is ranked as the best courier delivery service is its relaxed refund policy.

As soon as you apply for a refund, the customer service staff will investigate the matter thoroughly. They will send you the amount within 7 working days based on the report from the investigation team to keep things fair.

The refund and cancellation policy also states that there will be a cancellation fee if the delivery is completed. The fee will be equal to the total pickup charges of the order.


If you want to send an important document or something else to your loved ones all around India, do it the easy way by downloading the FegExpress app and booking your order in the latest slot. Staff at FegExpress will deliver your order securely and right on time.